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June 30, 2014

Crowd funding campaign launched to assist Gino Odjick’s family

The family of former Vancouver Canucks left winger Gino Odjick is seeking support from the public to assist with the travel costs of traveling to Vancouver to be with Gino.

A “Gino Strong Fund” has been set-up on crowd funding website Go Fund Me, and it has already raised nearly $7,000 of the campaign’s ultimate goal of $30,000.

Donations can also be made to support aboriginal youth education and wellness initiatives through the Canucks For Kids Fund.

On Thursday evening, the Vancouver Canucks website released a letter written by Gino, revealing that he is suffering from a rare terminal heart illness. AL amyloidsis is causing abnormal deposits of protein in his heart, in effect hardening his heart over time.

There is no cure and doctors have given him months, maybe weeks to live.

On Sunday, fans will be gathering outside Vancouver General Hospital to perform a flash mob in support of Gino.

Keith Ranville , Please go to go fund me to help Mr. Gino Odjick and his family in there time of need and lets shoot beyond the $ number aimed at, folks  :)

Go Fund Me

June 18, 2014

Stanley Park Ranked #1 in the World its Seahorse is the Real Attraction

Vancouver’s Stanley Park beat out other world class city parks in the world, why? 8 million of visitors yearly to stanley park don’t know a seahorse head in its landscape . Canada Blog News

 I strongly believe that vancouver’s stanley park should be recognized as seahorse park cause a mystic seahorse is the head of stanley park as I illustrated from my Cree First Nations Research [above]. – Keith Ranville

Here is the top 10 list: of the best urban parks in the World
  • #1 Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada
  • Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
  • Central Park, New York City, USA
  • Millennium Park, Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • High Line, New York City, USA
  • Kings Park and Botanic Garden, Perth, Australia
  • Guell Park, Barcelona, Spain
  • Ibirapuera Park, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Retiro Park, Madrid, Spain
  • Luxembourg Gardens, Paris, France

June 12, 2014


Could nasa be taking in stereo pictures of the sun cause its giving off future images of our planet like I theorized & witnessed B4 2005 summer Nasa they must of intercepted similar sun images that I gotten from the sun to.. the secrets to the universe lies in the sun our star of many more of them. NATIVE NEWS AND NASA

The Sun is a Stargate, and a keeper of time Nasa is looking to find the secrets to god through images coming from the sun or our SUN GOD

First Nations Native Researcher



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April 25, 2014

Oak Island Money Pit NDP N.S [New Digging Party] Regulations

Well an archaeologist is to be recommended to be on site at any further oak island money pit digs. Well this is a relief! Cause the last series that the history channel documented in concerns to the legendary oak island money pit was nothing more than a shenanigan probably to help promote the history channel? I myself pointed some errors in the last history channel’s the curse of oak island t.v series in real time there amateur diggers they were unprofessional and done mistakes in the excavations in any laymen’s terms a kid could of figured out that everything was done off the hop.. From everything from pumping water from the money pit in a fracking principle of mine, to searching the oak island swamp, this was definitely rookie season for treasure hunters them times.  

I did refused to be apart of this oak island documentary slash reality show farce in a email to the history channel, well because I wanted to be of no part of amateurs getting possibly killed while doing some ass backwards treasure hunting .And yeah millions of dollars was spent on digging the money pit on oak island in n.s, my foot.. I doubt that’ not very much money was sunk into the money pit to in what I saw on the curse of oak island reality show biz series.  

[Oak Island News]
Oh gee the NDP political party also wants the pot of gold at the bottom of the money pit you can bet that sure enough the conservative party will be down there fighting over me lucky charms.  Nova Scotia government is more concerned on protecting their image rather than thinking about preserving this oak island money pit treasure  hunts most bizarre reputation.  

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